Culinary delights

The markets and shops offer a wide range of local fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and other ingredients for delicious salads, pastas, barbeques, seafood dishes and extended dinners. Do’nt feel like cooking yourself? There is a very wide range of "Western" high class restaurants, Konoba’s (local inn with delicious local cuisine) and pizzerias.

The specific local wines (white Malvazia and red Terran) are of high quality. Of course you will enjoy the truffle culture and the olives known as the best in Europe since Roman times. The Istrian ham (Prsut) should not be missed.

Culinair genieten
Relax after a good dinner
Dine in Rovinj
Delicious seafood
Attractive terraces in every town
Visit a local wine cellar
an authentic konoba (Livade)
Fireplace, wine and good conversation in wintertime
... where friends are for....
Fresh fruit and vegetables at local markets
Try authentic Istrian Wine (Teran / Malvazija)
Relax and enjoy
Dinner by candlelight
Option: cook your own delicious meal